What We Do

Massage Brigade was born from the idea that everybody should have access to healthy touch. Our founder, Desserin Pereyra, CMT, NMT, observed that the people most deprived and in need of compassionate touch are those with the least access to it. Our organization provides that compassion in the form of touch services for individuals in underserved communities that have been afflicted with trauma, neglect, and abuse. These sessions are administered by a select group of professional massage therapists with a strong desire to cultivate and promote empathy and dignity in these communities. Massage Brigade offers manual therapists the opportunity to elevate the scope of our work by bringing awareness to greater opportunities in the world of manual therapy and touching the deserving people who need it most.

Who We Work With

We serve survivors of combat, neglect, trauma and violence. These populations include but are not limited to:

  • Veterans, active duty military, national guard and reserve
  • Survivors of domestic violence
  • Victims and first responders of natural disasters
  • Troubled youth

How We Work

  • Submit your inquiry here

  • We setup a consultation to discuss the specific and unique needs of your community

  • We create an action plan tailored to meet your community’s needs

  • We assemble a team of massage therapists trained in compassionate, healthy touch services to work with you in carrying out the specified plan.

  • We can adapt accordingly as needs arise.